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Musicians built Simple Studios for musicians. We cater specifically to the needs of bands, engineers, and producers of Major and Indy labels as well as independent bands and artists. We offer high quality music production services and solutions, analog and digital recording in a vintage and modern equipped studio with great rates. Spartan artist accommodations are available. Let our knowledgeable, cooperative, patient, and intuitive staff, give your project the attention it deserves. Call us today to discuss your project, schedule a tour, or receive a complimentary copy of our show reel CD. You may also choose to listen to the MP3s posted on this site for an immediate display of our production quality and versatility. We believe our fanatical desire to give you everything you want in a recording, and more, will earn your trust, project after project.


Eric Thielen

eric's mugEric Thielen
Engineer / Owner
Boris the Sprinkler (fmr.)

Eric is the shorter, older, blondish and more talkative guy at Simple Studios. He's more of a slave-driver in the studio. While possessing an old school bag of audio engineering skills, Eric specializes in tuning drums and guitars. Hes starting to think of himself as more of a mix engineer. He slowly brings up mixes that are spatially and tonally complex yet powerful and quite modern-sounding.